Amaarae Announces Second Album Alongside Seductive New Single ‘Reckless & Sweet’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

17 Mar 2023

Ghanaian-American polymath Amaarae has today come throughly to share seductive new single ‘Reckless & Sweet’, alongside the teasing of her upcoming second album amongst social media.

‘Reckless and Sweet’ is an expert fusion of Arabic and Indian melodies with African drum beats, hybridising cultural influences to explore a toxic kind of love. Easy on the year, Amaarae “poetically expressed the heartbreak you feel knowing someone is taking advantage of you” – TTM.

Alongside the single lays a cinematic and encapsulating set of visuals, exploring the journey of two lovers – portrayed by models in a post millennium nod to the world of high fashion.

Watch the visuals for ‘Reckless & Sweet’ above :