AMARIA BB Gets Seductive With ‘Slow Motion’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

16 May 2021

Continuing her rise on the scene, after dropping ‘Dark Eyes’ in 2020, Hackney’s rising newcomer Amira BB has returned with a seductive new track ‘Slow Motion.

The soothing instrumental incorporates Slow-Jam elements and melodic sonics which suit the romantic aura of the lyrical content being delivered by the artiste’s soft voice; the inclusion of patios fuels this and holds the ability to amplify the feelings of any listener who takes in the song.

This serves as a stark contrast from ‘Dark Eyes’, which is heavier on R&B elements and has a more upbeat production style – whereas ‘Slow Motion’ successfully fuses this genre with Dancehall, and hints at AMIRA BB’s power to gel different music styles, as a way to establish her own signature sound.

Take a Listen Above! | AMIRA BB – ‘Slow Motion’ Available to Stream on All Platforms