Amie Blu Shares Silky New Single ‘pretty’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

29 Mar 2024

Recently signed to 0207 Def Jam, 21 year old South East Londoner Amie Blu has today come through to share her single new single under the label, an emotional and harmonic new ballad in ‘pretty’.

With heavy anticipation that Amie will this year release a bigger body of work, ‘pretty; discusses the self-doubt and insecurity that may be felt by girls, around other girls. Emotionally relatable and sentimentally moving, Amie Blu is gifted with the ability to intricately lyricise feelings felt by many through the medium of a supportive and understanding soundscape.

“A lilting blend of soul, folk and sophisticated storytelling that reflects the expansion of alternative music in the UK, ‘pretty’ lyrically explores the line between self-protection and self-sabotage in modern relationships”.

Listen to her intricately written and produced new single ‘pretty’ below :