Anine Returns With Wavey Joint Titled “Rosetta Stone”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

12 Jun 2020

Anine, pronounced A9, is a British Nepalese rapper-singer songwriter from the south of England and has already had some major music wins in his career including his feature on Plug Talk with Telescope alongside Polo G and Swarmz, plus his solo release Rich Forever. The rising rapper is now back with his latest wavey joint titled Rosetta Stone.

Starting off with a key led instrumental, the beat drops in and Anine jumps in with his smooth flow and catchy lyrics, the first half of the chorus sets the tone of the track, not just with his cadence but with the topic too; the everyday struggles he faces of grinding and turning lessons into blessings. Turning a dark cloud into motivational energy is something of a theme in Anine’s life that he feels is only right to apply that energy within his music and this track is no exception.

Listen to Rosetta Stone below and on Apple Music here.