Anti-Social on DVD | September 14th 2015

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

12 Sep 2015

Anti-Social on DVD | September 14th 2015

Skepta plays the role as ‘Leon’ in ‘Anti-Social’, a London based film about the lives of two brothers Dee and Marcus, one a street artist and the other an armed robber. Devlin also plays a role in the film as a character named Nicky. Also look out for Buck’s performance which for me was extremely impressive.

The movie goes beyond street life and explores the battles all artists go through in terms of staying true to the art form and making a living.

The film portrays the lives of Dee and Marcus, showing Dee as the brother who represents himself respectfully as an artist. On the other hand his brother Marcus involves himself in small immature smash-and-grab crimes. During the film we see Marcus plan and action the biggest crime that he has ever committed, dragging his brother Dee into his crime infested scene. Rival gangs are not the only people after Marcus, the police is too.

To win a copy of the DVD please answer the following:

What is the name of Skepta’s last album?

1) Blacklisted
2) Whitelisted
3) Mic Champion

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