AntsLive Unveils Crazy Video For ‘Captain Ants’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

10 Oct 2023

One of the hottest talents in the ever growing genre of Alternative UK Rap, AntsLive has come through with a spellbinding video for his latest single, ‘Captain Ants’. Produced by Cadenza, the track shows that not only does the rapper have a golden touch when it comes to visuals, he also has a keen ear for production and shows smart, witty lyricism.

AntsLive has been making waves over the last few years but rose to prominence off the back of the video for his song ‘Number One Candidate’. The rapper has a clear creative vision that is also apparent in this video, where he wing walks in Switzerland, punts in Venice, and salsa dances in Spain.

Speaking on the track, Ants states:

“From when I heard the first 3 seconds of the beat, I knew I would f*** this song up. This tune is alive. The Latin sounds, combined with my energy is something I haven’t heard before. The sample is a classic & I always wanted to do my ting on it! Big up Cadenza on production. And let me be real. When it comes to the visuals if you said I’m doing too much you’d probably be right. Standing on top of planes in the mountains & dancing salsa. But that’s cool with me. That just means everyone else isn’t doing enough. Shout out Tom Emmerson on this movie. I’m really just having fun with this rap shit because…
why not?”