Apple Music Enlist Arrdee For ‘The Agenda Live’ With New “Late Night Driving” Visuals

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

24 Mar 2022

Following the release of latest project ‘Pier Pressure’, Brighton star Arrdee joins Apple Music for ’The Agenda Live’.

Presenting a meaningful introduction segment, Arrdee gives audiences a deeper insight into his background and how he grew up. Directed by TeeezyC, the visuals depict Arrdee’s hectic lifestyle as a thriving artist in the music scene.

Setting out his Agenda, he says: “I don’t always show pain, or emotion in my songs, but where I’m from is a bit different. We’ve got one of the biggest homeless populations in the UK and it weren’t that many years ago, I was on the verge, where I could have been homeless myself.”

Still very early in his career, Ardee is finding his own ways of providing music his listeners will love.

Tap in to ’Late Night Driving’ (The Agenda Live’ above!