Armor Taps Scorcher & Stretch For Fiery Street Heater “Don’t Ramp With Me”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

15 Jan 2022

Newham’s very own emcee Armor has called on the likes of Scorcher and Stretch for the release of their energy-driven single named, “Don’t Ramp With Me”.

Underpinned with a charismatic and chiming production, “Don’t Ramp With Me” is a charged-up single that enables each emcee to boast their unapologetic bars, self-assured presence, and playfulness throughout. Paired alongside a set of fun-filled visuals, we follow them around various settings including a gathering at a luxurious house alongside various voluptuous women. how much ivermectin can a human take Gearing up supporters for what’s set to be a exciting year ahead, “Don’t Ramp With Me” is a must spin today! ivermectina dosis para perros y gatos

Watch the visuals for “Don’t Ramp With Me” above. ivermectin on chicken for mites