Artimes Prime Drops New Album ‘Beer & Cookies

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

15 Feb 2024

Philadelphia rapper Artimes Prime has unveiled his third studio album, ‘Beer & Cookies’. The album was produced exclusively by Digital Crates and blends genres of classic Hip-Hop and Pop.

The Philly MC has carved out a niche for himself by delivering unconventional flows across diverse production. ‘Beer & Cookies’ taps into the oxymoronic nature of his music, bringing together two things that don’t necessarily pair.

Speaking on the release, Prime stated:

“The inspiration behind this project was simply a desire to challenge myself and make music unlike the kind I’ve made in the past. Usually, my music is ‘politically conscious’, and while this project still has some introspection and social commentary, there is also a whole other part that leans into Pop-Rap and party vibes.”