Artimes Prime Drops ‘Liberty’s Baby’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

21 Nov 2023

Rising Pennsylvania rapper Artimes Prime has dropped a politically charged new single, ‘Liberty’s Baby’. The track was produced by Digital Crates and comes accompanied by a music video that follows the rapper around the block as he spits his truth.

Artimes Prime has been making waves within Hip-Hop since 2016, and was named the eighth best independent Hip-Hop artist in the world by The Source magazine in 2020. His latest single showcases his switched on, powerful lyricism, as well as his ability to move between flows.

Speaking on the track, the artist states:

 “A lot of people like to blame millennials, but we can only work with what we were given. This song talks about how we aren’t always dealt the best hand, but there are different generational flaws that are passed down to the next, hence the name ‘Liberty’s Baby’.”