Atlanta-Based Rapper Tobes44 Taps Nelly2x For New Single “Real General”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

19 Aug 2021

Appearing on his highly anticipated EP, Tobes44 takes the release of “Real General” to reinstate his sound to audiences, with an afro-infused melodic rhythm, supporting his slick delivery.

Featuring rising artist Nelly2x, the lyrical bars are presented through a captivating self-confident and flirtatious manner, perfectly complementing the sounds of Tobes44.

With an attention-gripping production by Eljack, the track fulfils its immense potential showcasing the familiar sound in which Tobes44’s audience’s love.

Tobes explains: “It’s pretty much a real lively, feel-good song, and it’s basically about being a man and showing that you’re a boss, and real general, showing off and showing what you can do”.

Tap in to Tobes44 ft Nelly2x – “Real General” out now!