Avelino Calls On RA For New Heater ‘God Save The Streets Pt. 2’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

11 Nov 2022

Celebrated UK rapper Avelino today announces the release of his hotly-anticipated debut album, God Save The Streets, out March 2023.

The announcement comes accompanied by its first single ‘God Save The Streets Pt.2’ featuring Brixton artist RA, dropping at 11.11am today – Remembrance Day – which Avelino says is “to honour the many who have lost their lives prematurely in the streets. Young people who could have gone on to be great contributors to society only to be taken far too soon.”

Produced by Raf Riley, Avelino pays homage to many lives that have been lost at a young age, whilst gliding over a trap infused synth production with his typical lyrical prowess, stringent punchlines and immaculate delivery – with RA providing an alternative dynamic with his distinguished tone and approach.

Listen to ‘God Save The Streets Pt. 2’ below above :