Avengers End Game: Non-Spoiler review

Nourdin L

By Nourdin L

Nourdin L

29 Apr 2019

Avengers End Game, The 11 year in the making cinematic finale of all finales has finally made its debut in cinemas around the world. And with people barely being able to get a seat in cinemas I was lucky to have watched the film giant twice. Having Survived the battlefield of spoilers and trolls that we call social media. This is my completely spoiler-free review of Avengers End Game.

As a fan of not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe , but of Marvel Comics from the age of 6 the level anticipation and excitement I had for this film was only getting higher and higher as the days went by and kept climbing until I sat my self down in the cinema. I have never been so exited to see the Marvel entertainment intro in my life.

And let me tell you , once that intro played. The 3 hour long film flew passed faster than Thanos could snap his fingers with a very fast passed beginning and an action packed ending I could have gone for another 3. I must say that the Russo brother ( the directors) done a excellent job making sure that viewers remain entertained every frame of the way .With fantastic humour and and tear dropping drama this was definitely the ending to this 11 year story Marvel fans deserved.

Personally I very much enjoyed the film . The character development and relationships showcased in this film was fantastic . And I found myself investing in duos that I didn’t even know I needed. What made the movie for me was the quality humour. Normally I tend to find humour in more serious toned films a bit cringe , but with Avenger end game it flowed in perfectly with the character dialogue , Giving us Instagram captions for days.

The drama and thrill in this movie will have you on an emotional roller coaster that you have never felt before. I literally went want cheering out loud to holding my breath and gripping my arm rest within a matter of minutes. I am not even going to try and and play tough I felt my self tear up at least 3 times during this movie and even heard the lady behind me weeping as if she had just had a family member pass away.

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The action scenes in this movie are incredibly well done with fantastic CGI and special effect and with a budget of a mega $495.2 million this film can definitely satisfy any action junkie. As a marvel fan I can confidently say that Avengers end game is a piece of art that the late legend himself Stan lee would be proud of.

What is next for the MCU?

Whilst many people are walking around mourning the fact that this is the last ever marvel film . They are completely wrong. Whilst this may be the last time we see the Avengers Assemble on the big screen for a while this is just the tip of the Ice berg for whats to come with the Marvel Cinematic universe. With Disney confirming originally series around your favourite marvel characters such as a Black Widow series to be streamed exclusively on their streaming service which will be available in November 2019 and phase four of the Cinematic Universe looking very promising. Marvel fans have a lot more to look forward too.

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