Äyanna Taps Mnelia And Tamera For ‘Girlfriend (London Edition)’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

8 Feb 2024

East London artist Äyanna has revamped her ‘Girlfriend’ single of last year by calling upon both Mnelia and Tamera for the ‘London Girls Mix’. The two features breathe new life into the track and showcase three outstanding talents.

Speaking on the track, Äyanna states:

“Working with Tamera and Mnelia for the Girlfriend remix felt like such a no-brainer, because they are two ultra talented RnB artists in the uk who are fellow lover girls like myself. Our chemistry was perfect and the energy flowed in the studio. They both brought a different energy to the song which you can hear when you listen. I love how they added their own essence to the track whilst continuing the energy of vulnerability that the original version had.”

Mnelia added:

“As a girl who knows what she wants and loves love. Being a part of this record was a no brainer for me especially alongside my 2 luvs.”

Tamera also stated:

“I’ve been wanting a song with Äyanna for a long time so when she asked me about jumping on girlfriend of course I was excited! I think it’s an extremely beautiful feeling when you get those first flutters of love & this remix captures that from 3 different perspectives which means so many listeners will be able to find something they can relate to.”