Ayar Shares “Keeping Up With The Neighbours” EP

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Dec 2019

Ayar has released his brand new EP entitled Keeping Up With The Neighbours.

The East London native of Nigerian heritage has released his brand new project titled Keeping Up With The Neighbours – serving as his fifth project in three years.

Consisting of 6 tracks this project opens up with an autobiographical track entitled Puddles about Ayar’s growing pains in East London. Closing with Sovereign we see Ayar coming to terms with his current lot in life. With a penchant for vivid lyricism, storytelling, smooth jazz instrumentation, deep cut samples and rap sensibilities, this EP is worth a listen.

Speaking on the EP, Ayar commented “The inspiration for this project came from me really pondering on how, because I’m trying to keep up with my surroundings, I’m ultimately being dictated to by whatever situation is in front of me. In the 1936 book, ‘The Next 100 Years’, Clifford C. Furnas writes that the phenomenon of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ is descended from the spreading of the peacock’s tail. Perception rules a lot of people’s lives in a negativeand positive way, something I thought perfectly summed up where my thought process is, at the moment”.

Listen to the Keeping Up With The Neighbours EP below and on Apple Music here.