Bandokay Shares Hard Hitting Visuals For Tribute Track ‘Memories’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

16 Sep 2022

To commemorate his late father’s 40th birthday, Bandokay has dropped the visuals for his latest track, ‘Memories’.

Mark Duggan’s death in 2011 at the hands of police brutality sparked riots in London, and Bando has decided to release this hard hitting track in tribute to his father. The video begins with a message from the rapper, where he says that he hopes that he makes his Dad proud, as well as the fact that this new single is ‘deeper than music’.

The new song comes at a highly relevant time when thinking about the similarities between the stories of Mark Duggan and Chris Kaba. There have been few improvements when it comes to the policing of black people in this country and the fight for equality is one that sadly looks set to continue for years to come. Bandokay has made a statement with this track and is showing us his artistic range when it comes to subject matter. Be sure to check it out.