Bawo Comes Through With New Single ‘Terra Incognita’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

20 Jul 2023

One of the most exciting emerging artists of 2023, Bawo has returned for the summer by releasing his latest single, ‘Terra Incognita’. The new track is a perfect encapsulation of what makes the artist a stand out amongst his peers, combining sharp, witty lyricism with melodic undertones and a smooth instrumental.

‘Terra Incognita’ marks Bawo’s first solo release since he dropped his critically acclaimed EP ‘Legitimate Cause’ at the start of the year. The artist’s fact of the matter delivery, as well as his strong vocal performances across the tape have caused the artist to be held in high regard, shining a light on a blossoming Alternative UK Rap scene that Bawo is very much at the forefront of.

The upbeat, wistful new offering has arrived at the perfect time as it is perfect for the remaining summer months. Bawo has already enjoyed a stratospheric rise this year, but with more quality outputs like this, there is no doubt that he can reach even greater heights before the end of 2023.