Benny Mails Releases “Jesus” Ahead Of Headline Show

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

22 Oct 2019

Benny Mails has just released a brand new single entitled Jesus.

Ahead of his headline show at Corsica Studios in London this coming Wednesday (23rd October) with support from the likes of Lord Apex. Produced by Lordel, Jesus is set to be featured on his anticipated mixtape Malice dropping next month. Speaking on the release of Jesus, Benny stated “Jesus is me wanting to push people out of their comfort zone, and knowing that sometimes it takes an elbow in the face to do so. It’s an act first, think later method that can appear knuckleheaded, but in reality can save us all from being stuck in our ways – embracing the maniacal, nihilistic side of ourselves“.

Benny Mails is an intelligent and conscious rapper that uses his talent to question the world around him, challenging perceptions in order to convey his emotions. Malice is due to blend experimental sonics and pertinent impactful lyricism covering topics including ADHD, love and loss, city life and a lot more! If you aren’t familiar with Benny Mails then watch the visuals to Marathon below.

Don’t forget to stream Jesus below and on Apple Music here.