Big Zuu Returns To His Roots Of Sierra Leone For “Move Right” Featuring Drilizik

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

17 Jun 2020

Big Zuu is back with his brand new single Move Right. 

Proving again, his limitless ability to swerve pigeonholes, his newest single pays tribute to his heritage. Raised in West-London, Zuu speaks proudly of his dual heritage; his father is from Lebanon and his mother from Sierra Leone.  Move Right  is an inspiriting, summer-drenched new offering featuring the lauded multilingual flow of one of Sierra Leon’s most beloved rappers, Drilizik. With producer Crafty on the beat, Move Right  imparts Zuu’s passion, with his distinctive gravely flow and conscientious lyrical prowess, to bring notoriety to the impressive music scene in Sierra Leone. 

“I’m really proud of this track,” explains Zuu. “This is a record that means a lot to me as my mum is from Sierra Leone and Drizilik, is one if not the biggest artist over there. I am hoping that this track can shine a light on the amazing music scene in West Africa.”

Listen to Move Right below and on Apple Music here.