Birmingham’s Anderson 100 & Capstone Heights Team Up For Joint EP “New Moon”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

22 Apr 2020

Birmingham’s born and bred Anderson 100 and Capstone Heights have linked up and curated a 5-track EP entitled New Moon.

Together Capstone Heights and Anderson 100 encapsulate the influences and culture of their hometown Birmingham. New Moon has a unique sound combining heavy beats, with Anderson’s recognizable skippy rap flow, and soulful, creative lyricism from Capstone. The EP is home to five tracks, titled Spazzin, Top Boy, Ashanti, Shisha and Bro Off The Road.  The lead single Spazzin is a soft introduction that leads into a heavy, clattering drill beat produced by Malice Beats. Both Anderson 100 and Capstone Heights go back to back as they ride the riddim with a gritty, scattergun flow, paying homage to their hometown and the great game of football too. 

Listen to New Moon below.