Blaqbonez Comes Through With Double Single Release

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

11 Jul 2023

Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez has delivered a double single release, featuring two brand new tracks ‘Like Ice Spice’ and ‘Bezos’. The artist has consistently delivered a unique sound and perspective through his lyricism and unorthodox personality, with both of his new offerings demonstrating an artist on the rise.

‘Like Ice Spice’ and ‘Bezos’ offer the listener two different sides to Blaqbonez, differing in terms of style and production whilst also shining a light on the artist’s pen game. ‘Bezos’ is backed by slick guitar riffs and an understated performances from Blaq, while ‘Like Ice Spice’ sees him experiment more with melody and elaborate production.

Both tracks are sure to make a serious impact this summer as Blaqbonez accelerates further and further towards superstardom. Having already worked with Ludacris and rumours of an upcoming collaboration with Wizkid, Blaq’s music is boundless and progressive, moving Hip-Hop in Nigeria and Africa in general further forward.