Breakout star Terrell Hines shares futuristic debut ‘Portal One: The Mixtape’

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

15 Aug 2020

The Georgia-born, Los Angeles based visionary, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer – Terrell Hines has released his latest project entitled  Portal One: The Mixtape. 

Hines has proved there’s method to his post-modern and post-apocalyptic sonic approach, particularly in his ability to catch the ears of over two million across a short catalogue, which lacked the traditional necessities of a highly streamed artist’s; like, an album or tour around U.S. prior to the debut mixtape.

Speaking on the concept that drives his music, Hines says: “I’m trying to engineer the future,”

A statement which makes a lot of sense while listening. Shining through the nine-track project is a seamless blend of eclectic sounds; including, eerie soul, alt-pop, hip-hop, post-punk, and southern funk.

All of which Hines channels into one scenic, compelling, futuristic musical landscape — leaving it truly impossible to pigeon hole the musician into one genre.

You can take in the Terrell Hines new tape above and across major streaming platforms.