British Artist Ava Lily Shares Atmospheric R&B Track “Higher Love”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

30 Oct 2020

Hailing from Bristol, Ava Lily is today, searching for Higher Love with her brand new and up-beat R&B single.

Alongside the release of latest single, Ava Lily has also announced her forthcoming debut EP titled, Higher Love. Known for her atmospheric and angelic sound, Higher Love is a more up-beat single in comparison to the heart-felt release of Closure.

Co-written alongside New York poet Allen Vartanian and long-time collaborator Gareth Esson, Ava Lily’s vocals take centre stage in this one. Pushing the emphasis on finally being able to move on from a toxic relationship, this vigorous yet ambient track captivates you from start to finish.

Speaking on the release, Ava Lily commented;“’Higher Love’ is about connecting with my higher power. It was an awakening moment where I felt like I’d outgrown the situation I was in and I wanted more. It was the beginning of a journey of self-love.” On writing with Vartanian, she adds: “Me and Allen have never met in real life, but somehow we just clicked and have this special connection. There was so much magic in the mystery! He’s amazing!”

Listen to Higher Love below.