British Rising Artist Ava Lily Releases Alt-R&B Track “Blameless”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

19 Jun 2020

British singer-songwriter Ava Lily returns with her enthralling alt-R&B track Blameless.

Hailing from Bristol, one of Ava’s earliest memories of music was watching her mother listening to Tracy Chapman and being overwhelmed with emotion. At a young age, Ava’s father bought her a Christina Aguilera cassette tape which Lily used to play on repeat so she could perfect Christina’s melodic runs. When Ava was older, her father then played her ‘Frank’ by Amy Winehouse which sparked her desire to start penning songs and play the piano in the comfort of her bedroom.

Blameless introduces an authentic sound from the emerging artist who is set to release more music this year independently. Co-written with long-time friend and collaborator Gareth Esson – Blameless is a sultry single that’s led by Ava Lily’s distinctive, honeyed vocal and is accompanied by a dreamy, lo-fi production. Ava Lily explains: “For me ‘Blameless’ feels empowering. I wrote it in the most real way. I literally woke up in the night to loads of texts from an ex and was overwhelmed by this feeling of comfort just being alone. It was the first time I didn’t need him, or anyone. It was a beautiful realisation. It felt like it was the first time I had a choice… like yeah, I could go back there but it kinda feels nicer to not fuck myself over again this time. I’m making friends with myself. It was a powerful moment.”

Listen to Blameless below and on other streaming platforms here.