Brixton’s Unlikely Polo Team

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

23 Sep 2017

Brixton, one of London’s toughest inner cities. A beautiful, diverse and vibrant metropolis on the surface, but the underbelly of the city is far from sweet. A city tainted by gangs, crime and violence. A young child’s head can be easily turned as they are exposed Plethora of illegalities, if that is all they are around, without the help of strong parenting and  leadership that is what they will imitate.

Ebony Horse Club founded in 1996 by former Director Ros Spearing, OBE, gives children from this environment the help they need. The organisation intends to be a safe space for the kids, mentoring children through a mix of sessions with youth workers, as well as helping them get into colleges and employment using their newfound equestrian skills.

A member who has definitely benefited from the work of the organisation is Leyla Sahebekhtiari a 16-year-old girl from Brixton.

“There’s not a lot opportunity for people like me with my background—I come from a low-income, single-mom family—that I can have the opportunity to horse ride and go on all these trips and adventures. I feel like I’m beating the stereotypes, grabbing opportunities where I can.”

Ebony Horse Club is a charity that relies on the support of philanthropic individuals, companies, and trusts to make riding accessible to local children and young people. It’s clear to see the necessity for organisations such as them in the community. Which is why we should support them and come down to Ham Polo Club, on the 23rd of September, to watch what is likely to be Brixton’s first ever polo team in action, as members of Ebony Horse Club take on the charity’s staff and volunteers. There will also be a bout of professional polo as the University of London face local team Vendetta.

All the proceed from this event will go back to Ebony Horse Club, aiding them in their goal of giving disadvantaged kids a chance.

ITV News reader Ronke Phillips will be in attendance to cheer on Ebony’s young players.



From 1200 on Saturday 23rd September.

1420 – Pedro’s appearance

1430 – Brixton team’s match

1500 – Prizegiving

1515 – Exhibition polo match



Ham Polo Club, Petersham Close, Richmond, TW10 7AH


Tickets for the event are on sale now here