Brooklyn’s Breakout Sleepy Hallow Announces ‘Sleepy For President’ Project

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

4 Jun 2020

Brooklyn’s Sleepy Hallow has announced his forthcoming project titled Sleepy For President set to drop on the 5th of June (tomorrow).

A master of nimble and gripping melodies, Sleepy Hallow is the secret weapon of the Brooklyn drill scene. Kicking off his campaign to take over the mainstream, Sleepy announces Sleepy For President, his upcoming mixtape. Dropping off the lead single for the mixtape, Deep End Freestyle (below), an eerily catchy banger that’s quickly becoming Sleepy’s biggest hit. The Deep End Freestyle gets its power from Sleepy’s charisma and the haunting beat from Great John, featuring a ghostly female vocal grimly intoning “I don’t think you want to go off the deep end”.

Sleepy For President is set to expand and refine Sleepy’s sound, opening up the hermetic and dark world of East Flatbush to welcome a variety of new sonic elements, adding bright keys and ethereal vocal samples to the gentle guitars and subsonic bass that defined his previous project Don’t Sleep. Still, Sleepy For President  represents Brooklyn right to the core, offering multiple appearances from Sleepy’s running mate Sheff G as well as Fivio Foreign and Jay Critch.

You can check out the full track-list below.

Sleepy For President – Tracklist:
1. Deep End Freestyle
2. Molly Ft. Sheff G
3. 6am In NY
4. Water Ft. Sheff G
5. Don’t Panic Ft. Sheff G
6. Baddie Betty Boop Ft. Fivio Foreign
7. BMH
8. Nauseous Ft. Jay Critch
9. Bankrolls
10. Perc Talkin
11. Anxiety Freestyle
12. All In (Outro)