Camidoh and Kwesi Arthur connect for new single “Dance With You”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

14 Jul 2021

Both of Ghanaian origin, Camidoh and Kwesi Arthur join forces for the release of their latest single “Dance With You”. Applying their smooth vocals to the captivating Afropop production, Camidoh and Kwesi offer a soothing delivery.

Camidoh explains that the inspiration behind ‘Dance With You’ stems from the idea of a man and woman both really liking each other, but the woman is holding back and the man feels as though she is playing hard to get,”. “After years of this romance, eventually it blossoms and the pair get married.

Leading Ghana’s revival of Pop music already having won 2 awards for his art, Camidoh is undeniably on track for a hugely successful future! Nominated for ‘Best International Act’ at the 2018 BET Awards, Kwesi Arthur also has made a significant influence through the release of his highly admired music. “Dance With You” is an incredible collaboration without a doubt!

Tap in to Camidoh x Kwasi Arthur – “Dance With Me” above!