CamoGlizzy’s ‘Cap On The Beat’ turns drill sampling into a surprise hit song

Natalie Patrick

By Natalie Patrick

Natalie Patrick

9 Jun 2023

CamoGlizzy‘s latest single, “Cap On The Beat,” is a prime example of this phenomenon. Sampling the timeless classic “All My Life” on a drill beat, CamoGlizzy has created a surprising hit that showcases his artistic prowess and innate ability to captivate listeners.

From the first note, “Cap On The Beat” grabs your attention and refuses to let go. The drill beat provides a relentless and intense backdrop that perfectly complements the lyrics and CamoGlizzy’s unique delivery. With each verse, he effortlessly rides the rhythm, spitting catchy lines that reveal a depth and maturity beyond his years.

What makes “Cap On The Beat” truly stand out is the backstory behind its creation. CamoGlizzy admits that he never anticipated the song to blow up the way it did. Initially recorded as a joke, he was convinced by the encouragement of his friends and family to release it. And boy, are we glad he did!

The song’s success lies not only in its infectious beats and mesmerizing flow but also in CamoGlizzy’s authenticity. His genuine surprise at the track’s popularity shines through, making it even more relatable to his growing fanbase. It’s refreshing to witness an artist who embraces their creativity without overthinking or strategizing every move.

“Cap On The Beat” is a testament to the power of spontaneity and raw talent. CamoGlizzy has transformed a beloved sample into a track that feels simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. With its addictive melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, it has the potential to become an anthem for a generation seeking authenticity and self-expression.