Che Lingo Taps Tamaraebi For Powerful Release “Eyes on The Prize”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

3 Sep 2021

South London rising artist Che Lingo has unveiled his brand new and powerful single named, “Eyes On The Prize” alongside Tamaraebi.

Taking inspiration from the racist reactions to England’s loss on penalties in the Euros final, “Eyes on The Prize” is based around focusing on your dreams regardless of who or what’s against you. Built over a fluid production, “Eyes on The Prize” is a fluster of textures and tribal rhythms that enables both Che Lingo and Tamaraebi to glaze their respected talents atop and in turn create a quality track for us to indulge.

Speaking on the release Che Lingo commented,“I think in a time where it’s hard to feel as though your life is what it’s meant to be, or where it’s supposed to be, it’s important to have goals to shoot for, causes to fight for and a sense of pride about where you are on that journey. Especially as a young black person trying to figure it out for yourself,”

Che added, “Loads of things can stop you from feeling the natural innate sense of unity that human beings feel, but racism, specifically toward athletes, shouldn’t be one of them. Everyone will feel defeat at some point in sports and life, but pushing the hate for a person’s skin colour within that will always be unnecessary. A young black career can be full of confusion and chaos, but your goals and who you want to win for are the only things that can keep you focused and the possibility of winning alive longer. The track is about remembering your instinctual reasons and values despite the noise around you.”

Listen to the full single below.