Chiedu Oraka And Manga Saint Hilare Link Up On ‘Own Kind’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

28 Mar 2024

Chiedu Oraka has tapped Manga Saint Hilare for his latest track, ‘Own Kind’. The release has been accompanied by a monochromatic music video shot by Blue Sea Pictures.

Hailing from Hull in the North East of England, Oraka identifies as an outsider to the world of UK Rap, but has still managed to find his feet within the genre. The artist displays confidence in his flows and lyrical ability whilst linking up expertly with Manga – a veteran of the Grime genre.

Speaking on the track, Chiedu Oraka states:

“In this song, I’m airing out my frustrations with the UK Black music industry and its inability to cater for artists who don’t fit the generic mould. I often think if I rapped about selling drugs or committing violent crimes would my career have hit a bigger trajectory, would I be more profitable to these institutions and would my name be mentioned more when industry tastemakers decide which artists to push on their platforms? ‘Own Kind’ is a reflection of not feeling wanted by my own scene and the people who run it.”

Manga added:

“I feel that “Own Kind” represents an energy that I’ve been running with for a while. It’s okay to be different. I’m happy being on the outside. At least when you’re an outsider, you don’t have to deal with all that fake industry pally-pally stuff. It’s about going where the love is and not chasing validation from people who don’t care. I like Chiedu’s energy on this track and his verse and chorus really resonated with me. I knew exactly what to do when he sent me it.”