Are Chip And Dappy Beefing?

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

31 Jul 2017

Dappy just released his new freestyle “Straight Facts” and it doesn’t seem like Chip is too happy with what was said. In the tell all freestyle Dappy lays it all out, telling us his version of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

In the freestyle Dappy states, “Your favourites rapper started off as my support act” Chip toured with N-Dubz (Dappy’s former rap group) on their Uncle B tour, lasting from 27 March 2009- 29 April 2009.

Dappy seems to take further shots at Chip using his name as a pun. “I ain’t got a Chip on my shoulder about who’s the best.”

Chip responded by sending out asking Lethal Bizzle “waum to this coke head yout.”

Are we looking at another addition to the already long list of UK rappers beefing?

Chip sending shots at dappy on twitter?