Choice FM Awarded Blue Plaque As First Black Radio Station

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

3 Apr 2021

Choice FM have received a blue heritage plaque to commemorate their historical value in radio, particularly for establishing the first Black British radio station. 

At their 31st anniversary, Nubian Jak Community Trust unveiled the plaque on the South London building – where the award-winning station was launched – alongside Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE (former director), Mayor Councillor Philip Normal and Neil Kenlock. 

Upon being honoured, Neil Kenlock (co-founder) said: 

“Many Black British people and those from many other communities remember Choice FM and the strong heritage that it has left behind. Since Choice FM, there has never been another black-owned, commercial licensed station that broadcasts across London.” 

Choice FM began broadcasting in Brixton in 1990; breaking Hip-Hop, Reggae and Soul. It has since been rebranded as ‘Capital Xtra’ and continues to champion all things Black British culture.