CONFIRMED! Dizzied Rascal performing Boy in The Corner LIVE in London!

Lisa Mariee

By Lisa Mariee

Lisa Mariee

30 Aug 2016

 It’s just been confirmed this morning that Dizzee Rascal will be performing his ‘Boy In Da Corner’ album live in London. A petition was made in favour of this and it worked! Tickets will be up as soon possible!

The legendary album cemented the sound of grime music over 13 years ago. The full set will be performed at the Red Bull Music Academy New York Festival on May 6th 2016. However London fans weren’t happy with this and made a petition in favour of this and the outcome worked !
Laura Brosnan was the mastermind behind the petition and said “We did it guys! Thank you for all of your support in signing and spreading the petition. It just goes to show that with a bit of determination, and graft, anything is possible. As soon as the show link is up to buy tickets i’ll make sure to post it up”