Contemporary songstress Elle Yaya debuts her electronic-tinged offering entitled “Bleedin”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

15 Jul 2020

R&B newcomer, Elle Yaya has debuted her track “Bleedin”. The track has been lifted from her forthcoming project ‘Pharmacy’

This offering is a warm introduction to her soulful aesthetic worn over a busy percussion-driven production. The songstresses velvety vocals and vulnerable lyrics sit sublimely against the instrumental. Which is comprised of the booms and snaps of it’s rhythmic drum-line over a synth-supported backing that adds to the overarching atmospheric feel. Warmly welcoming Yaya’s raw notes which become sharper and richer as she delves into her chaotic love escapade.

Speaking on the track Elle said: “Deep rooted, secretive pain gave birth to my anger. I lack that pause button. When a fire starts, devastation is inevitable. The eruption can be 30 seconds, I crash, and the wave of shame comes. Riddled with guilt i’ll witness the damage i’ve caused, weeks/months/years of repair is needed. it happens again. I hate it. it’s addictive. That’s what this song is about. I bleed on anybody who tries to love me.”

Listen to Bleedin on below and on all DSP’s!