Coolie, Jaz Dhami, Temz, Jay1, Tana, J Fado & Hargo Join Forces To Spread Awareness In “Kisan”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

19 Feb 2021

Posing as his first release, Coolie has tapped some of the UK’s most exciting artists including Jaz Dhami, Temz, Jay1, Tana, J Fado and Hargo to join forces for an important track named “Kisan” that aims to spread awareness surrounding the farmers in India who have been protesting against the three new Government laws they want to be scrapped.

According to the new laws that have been recently published, all the farmers crop prices will be deregulated which in turn will end the ‘Minimum Support Price’ that guarantee’s them an income. With over 1.3 billion people working on farms in India, most of which are to a smaller scale and have low annual incomes, this means that they won’t be able to take their hard-earned product out of their district to trade. موقع مراهنات المباريات

Coolie, a producer from Coventry with a Punjabi heritage has bought it upon himself to spread awareness with this brand new track. موقع رياضي With all the proceeds from the single going to a charity that is supporting the farmers, “Kisan” is a strong and empowering statement that encourages it’s listeners to spread the message!

Speaking on the release, Coolie commented; “In my culture we believe in justice for all.
There’s no justice if we don’t stand up for the oppressed, and there’s no purity if we don’t speak the truth. Truth will not be silenced, truth will always prevail. لعبة الروليت اون لاين

Listen to the track below.