Coops Has Released His ‘Crimes Against Creation’ Album

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

9 Jul 2020

The North London lyricist, Coops, has just released his brand new album Crimes Against Creation.

Seeing himself as a social commentator, Coops continuously draws inspiration from everything around him and is feeling more inspired than ever. The 8-track project – which was made in just 4 studio sessions – is unlike Coops’ usual 14+ track albums both he and his fans have become used to. Coops turned the album around in record time to ensure his music was released during this unparalleled time in history. The homegrown beats come from his close friend and long term collaborator Talos who has produced almost all his beats to date.

In the opening track, Boom Biddy Bye Coops doesn’t waste a second in putting his fellow rappers through their paces. A block rapper with no one to please but himself, Coops professes that he barely listens to what other rappers release to ensure they don’t infiltrate and influence his own music. Highly appropriate for these times, title track Crimes Against Creation is the stand out voice of this generation and his message to the world. As the album progresses we get to see all sides of Coops’ personality with Piss Poor reminding us of the raw gritty London lifestyle from which he has risen from, whilst Profile demonstrates his softer more promiscuous side as well as touching on themes of fatherhood and online relationships.

Listen to the Crimes Against Creation album below and on other streaming platforms here.