COOR – Monkey

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

17 Feb 2012

This latest Mixtape Madness series, COOR in a nutshell means ‘Come Out Of Retirement’. It is dedicated to talented MCs/rappers from the past who were lyrically big when they entered the game and are arguably better than quite a few MCs/rappers in the game at present.

I remember when Nasty crew had recruited 3 new members and Monday nights on DeJa after school had stepped up a notch. Going through my TDKs and hearing that 2 out of the 3 new members, Kano and Ghetts are still duppying beats today, one can only say COOR with regards to the third. He followed D Double E and Footsie to form the Newham Generals, until deciding to hang up his mic. I respect the fact he has found a new meaning in his life via God but he left a void in the scene when he left. Many artists have tried to fill it and have failed miserably.

He is set pace with regards to the hash monotone delivery and he managed to maintain a distinct East London accent.

The classic grime beat Frontline, which was a Newam General banger was destroyed by Monkey. I’m a big D Double fam but this was when D ws in his prime. Despite that fact I can admit Monkey outshone him on that track and in the Pirate Radio era, no one had ever done that…

…Monkey AKA Monstar COOR!!!

Its, its Munkstar lyrically big,
As I spit to large, not like a twig but a branch,
I’ll bury the whole game like an avalanche,
Dismantling your fortress for my victory to be flawless,
Gob spin smack till your jawless,
tongue to wild, spit lawless
This is the baddest boy lyrical escapade,
I’m no longer in the shade,
Lyrics don’t spit, there gona get sprayed,
If they hit your gona need first aid…

Let me breathe on this 8,
words absorb brain as it penetrates, collectively as we congregate..

As I randomise my targets, and I fire from different angling
put out the space that I’m landing in
that place I’ll be expanding in
please run away my lyrics are strangling
is this your blood I’m standing in
weed cash cars girls, thats all I wanna be handling