CORD enlist UK artist DC and producer TSB for new episode of ‘Survival Of The Littest’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

11 Apr 2021

Receiving further recognition following each and every episode, increasingly popular music discussion platform – CORD, continue to provide engaging content for audiences across the UK and further.

Constantly exploring new elements of creativity to keep watchers engaged, CORD unveil a new episode of ‘Survival Of The Littest’. With the recent release of excelling UK artist DC’s latest project ‘In The Loop’, CORD invite him down alongside highly respected UK producer TSB – exceptionally producing tracks 2-5 on the tape.

Hosted by Qoy, DC and TSB are approached with multiple questions such as: ‘Favourite Track from ‘In The Loop?’, ‘A song where the feature went harder than the main artist?’ and ‘A song that got the best reaction from Ladies?’. Reverting from their usual evident chemistry, DC and TSB go head to head against each-other in this challenge !

Tune in to the latest ‘Survival Of The Littest’ CORD episode above!