CORD Find Out If ‘All NSG Think The Same?’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

30 May 2021

Returning with another episode this week, CORD has called on OGD, Papii Abs, Mojo, Kruddz, Mxjib and Dope to find out if ‘All NSG Think The Same?’

The Following are some of the statements which were thrown out to the guys as they took position on the studio floor:

  • ‘OGD Makes Better Beats Than JAE5’
  • ‘Geko Is The Best Feature NSG Have Worked With’
  • ‘KRUDDZ Is The Best Rapper In NSG’
  • ‘I Know I Can Blow As A Solo Artist

In this charismatic drop, we see the NSG boys go head-to-head as they hash out their arguments and engage with each debate.

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