CORD Return With A Genre Special – ‘Do All Drill Fans Think The Same?’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

6 Jun 2021

Calling on Drill Fans in the UK, CORD have returned with a second addition to the genre segment of their ‘All Fans’ series, and this time they’re finding out ‘Do All Drill Fans Think The Same?’.

The following are some of the statements that were thrown out to the participants who took position on set:

  • The censoring of drill has made the genre better
  • Headie One has had a bigger impact on Drill than LD
  • 98’s are currently the best Drill group in the UK
  • Harlem Spartans have been more impactful than OFB – and more!

As usual, a CORD debate never fails to bring on the heat, as each tastemaker has a point to say – so be sure to take this episode in.

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