Could Tulisa be about to ‘crack’?


By Georgina


3 Jun 2013

It seems Tulisa is destined for drama after drama, as 2013 is not exactly shaping up to be the year she finally gets by without landing herself in some kind of issue. She has, in the last week, confirmed that she has been axed from The X Factor in favour of much older Sharon Osbourne, and also confirmed her ‘amicable’ break-up with footballer Danny Simpson.

The third instalment into her series of crises is that she is now in a spot of bother with the law after tactlessly divulging information regarding certain ‘white sweets’ she can easily source from her wide range of friends in her phonebook.

Well it seems that bad luck really does come in threes – all in a week’s work as well which adds to the bizarreness of the situation.

An undercover journalist from The Sun revealed that after being told “half the guys I know are drug dealers” by the ex-TV judge from Camden and releasing a certain amount of pictures as evidence, including one of rapper Mike GLC handing over a large white object, Contostavlos was this morning reported to have been visited by police at her home.

Scotland Yard have, this afternoon, confirmed that they are “considering” claims made, stating:

We have received information concerning the alleged supply of illegal drugs at a central London location.

It would seem that the singer, after having claimed that she turned her back on drugs at the age of 14, is not destined for any relief from a less than impressive past couple of years. Following that tape, which didn’t exactly show off any additional talents to her spectrum, and potentially the biggest flop album of 2012, I’m starting to wonder whether the north-Londoner will ever have a strike of good luck to speak of.

Do you think a certain Mr Cowell could have been aware that this bombshell was about to drop as he sacked her? Let us know your views.

Download Mike GLC’s Last of a Dying Breed mixtape here.