Crafty 893 Delivers Charged-Up Debut Album ‘Smart Dumb’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

10 Apr 2021

In succession to his three-track teaser ‘100 Racks’ released in early March, South-London Grime champ, Crafty 893 has now delivered his charged-up debut album ‘Smart Dumb’!

The project commences with Crafty showing off his polished flow, alongside a production style that brings on a utopic twist to the Grime genre. wurmkur ivermectin pferd Throughout the remainder of ‘Smart Dumb’, he continues to maintain a turbulent style of delivery, tailored to the instrumentals used; whether they’re orchestral, merged with a lively beat or meshing in the nostalgic sound-qualities of Garage, to create an old-school beat.

The artist joined forces with the likes of Sir Spyro (Wotless), Big Zuu (Back It) and Manga Saint Hilare (Top Ten), giving a clear indication of his ability to tap into different artistic styles when collaborating with different names. It also demonstrated how naturally their musical chemistry came about, through the auditory and lyrical content used in structuring their verses.

Signing off with ‘Sincerely, Crafty 893’ the song’s energetic nature is neutralised by a set of soothing sonics, and the rapper’s cheeky wording; bringing this body of work to a perfect close.

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