Cristale Unveils Highly Anticipated New Heater ‘Antisocial’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

1 Dec 2023

Hailing from Brixton, Cristale is a name fast rising in the scene right now. Having gained traction from her rapping cameo in the new season of Top Boy earlier this year, the rapper has been doing the round on socials such as TikTok and Instagram; this week marks the release of her highly anticipated new single ‘Antisocial’, which has done exactly as stated above.

Produced by TSB, the new track offloads Cristale’s temperament and character – cold wordplay, an icy and rigid flow alongside immaculate delivery sets the tone for a intense and hard hitting track for the head top. It feels this is one of the purest forms we’ve seen her in, and her talent is shining through now more than ever.

Watch the visuals for ‘Antisocial’ above :