Croydon’s Still Shadey Joins Forces With Condoseven For “Undone Ties” Visuals

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

20 May 2021

With all the budding talent in South London, it’s refreshing to watch Croydon’s rising rapper, Still Shadey, pave his own lane with an enlightening touch to his music. 

Following a strong collection of singles, the rapper calls on Condoseven for new “Undone Ties” track which comes with crisp visuals. At first you are engaged by Shadey’s seamless trap-wave flow, but then his surprising message of hope keeps you locked in. 

Condoseven proves to be a fitting artist to call on, and heightens the single with a melodious verse. These are unique artists that you want to take in! 

Watch Undone Ties above.