Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

14 Jul 2022

Today, multi-hyphenate artist Cruel Santino has unveiled another episode in his roll out of “Patch Update v1.000”; the official music video for breakout track “Heating Rocks”. Shot in a vintage 90s style, the music video appears on “Subaru Boys TV” and is part of the Nigerian artist’s bid to build out an imaginative world around his conceptual album, Subaru Boys : Final Heaven released earlier this year. With the patch update, Cruel Santino also released a trailer announcing more video releases, skits and merch that will live on Subaru Live TV. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOClOsqDzgc 

Speaking on the release of the update, Santi previously shared: 

“Life is literally a movie, and it’s very important to document your life and times so you don’t become lost in the missing pieces of history. Subaru Live TV is my way of showing my life and the lives of others around me, I am on a journey that will probably never end. I want to make movies, anime, video games and more music, and Subaru Live TV is a documentation of everything as it’s ongoing and happening.” 

Written across continents, the first half of the project squarely taps into the Alté and Afrobeat lane (with songs like “Matilda” and “Swagger Back”), Cruel also lends himself to sample from recent Grime resurgence on “The Pearls.” While the latter half is influenced by more modern genres heard on “Fallin” (which leans R&B) and “Beautiful Nothing” (draws from bedroom pop sounds with a little help from collaborator Gus Dapperton). Gliding through genres and musical inspirations, Cruel taps into many references to create a body of work that is both cohesive and aims to please many listeners. 

You can watch the video here: