Crystal Murray Wants ‘PAYBACK’ With New Single

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

23 Jan 2024

Singer songwriter Crystal Murray has demonstrated artistic evolution with her new single, ‘PAYBACK’. The track has been accompanied by a cinematic music video directed by the artist and her artistic director Stephy Galvani.

Speaking on her growth as a musician, Murray stated, “For the first time, I feel like I’m starting somewhere fresh.” The single has captivating energy throughout, moving away from the neo-soul sounds of her early music into something more uptempo and unrelenting.

Murray said of ‘PAYBACK’:

“As this song unfolds it places Myself in a battlefield, ANGER in my eye I got hurt and asking for revenge. Surrounded by women ready to fight in the field with me, they are beautiful, powerful and RAW. “PAYBACK” opens us to a new sound that is big, raw, and noisy. This is the first single, and I arrive screaming… All the time wasted on people that don’t deserve it, the money, the youth stolen. It’s time we ask for reparation. This is my revenge song.”