Dappy’s name cleared after ex admits lying about violence claims


By Georgina


30 Sep 2013

Following our report yesterday in which rapper Dappy’s ex-girlfriend and baby mum Kaye Vassell accused him of beating her up, the woman responsible for the accusations has now admitted that she lied.

The situation is a little more than bizarre, and we would never condone domestic violence nor stick up for someone responsible for any act of violence – but lying about it is just as bad as the act itself. Yesterday, hundreds of ex-Dappy fans jumped to Kaye’s defence, condemning the rapper for allegedly hitting her.

Dappy was just as quick, however, to deny all allegations and express his anger at the false claims.

Perhaps Kaye’s jealous side was partly to blame for the claims against Dappy – this weekend he tweeted intimate photos of a female companion and himself in bed together, complete with lipstick kisses all over his torso.

Whatever is going on between these two, it might be best to keep the dirty laundry in the washer rather than all over the social networking-sphere.