Darius & Wayne Snow Return To Unveil Emotive B-Side Single “Apology”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

1 Oct 2020

Following the release of Equilibrium, both Darius and Wayne Snow have returned with their B-side single titled, Apology.

Taking an emotive turn from the Disco-inspired track Equilibrium, Apology is enriched with a rhythmic, soulful and gospel inspired essence.

Speaking on the release, the pair commented; “It’s time to put it bluntly. Look where we are today, We keep making the same mistakes over and over again. What we are experiencing today is not exceptional in a way. It is a logical continuation of the problems that we do not want to face. It might be time to tell ourselves that if we continue to move forward blindly we will inevitably come to a point of no return. Certainly there are no miracle cures. Everything will not be settled overnight as if by magic. But we must continue to look for ways to deal with the demons of the past that continue to torment us feverishly today. We believe that forgiveness can empower us and appease our souls. It’s like reaching out or grabbing the hand to get up. Our song Apology is a call for change without forgetting oneself or others.”

Listen to Apology below and on other streaming platforms here.