Dave makes a return unleashing two surprise singles “Titanium” and “Mercury”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

10 Apr 2021

Since dropping his debut album “Psychodrama” back in 2019, Dave has taken a lengthy break from music. Following the multiple features with prominent artists such as Ghetts, Giggs and the recent release of “Money Talks” with Fredo – executively producing the album “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, Dave returns with two brand new singles.

Dave showcases his highly approved rapping ability on “Titanium”, delivering his clever wordplay on an upbeat captivating production. 2 minutes of refreshing Dave content, this track undeniably highlights a strong return from Dave. Transitioning into track 2, “Mercury”, Dave revisits his admired deep-felt, meaningful slow tempo rap, accompanied by a compelling hook by Kamal. .

With talks of a Dave album in the works, this two track surprise release allows audiences a taste of what it may involve!

Check out Dave – ‘Titanium & Mercury’ below!