Influential UK Music Figures Denz And Renz Premiere Episode 1 Of Brand New Entertainment Show “WAVETIME”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

14 Jun 2021

Highly appreciated UK YouTube reactors and DJ’s Denz and Renz, further demonstrate their increasing consistency launching episode 1 of brand new homegrown show “WAVETIME”. Indulging in all things music, challenges and other exciting events, Denz and Renz enlist The Chicken Connoisseur to introduce the first ever release.

“WAVETIME” recognisably derives from Denz and Renz’s renowned #IssaWholeNewWave brand, highly emphasising the authenticity incorporated in to the show. With visible innovation embedded throughout the episode, Denz and Renz undeniably offer an extensive sense of character and substance in what more they have to offer. Branching out in to entertainment, audiences are not unfamiliar with Denz and Renz’s humorous side implementing it into a new, refreshing method of delivery! ivermectin מחיר

Denz and Renz reach another milestone in their career, showing progression and venturing into new and evolved ideas – in association with Blueprint Sports & Toca Socials! ivermectin thailand

Tap in to Denz and Renz – “WAVETIME” Series 1 Episode 1 here !